About Us

About Us

Community Learning Initiative

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide highly under-resourced communities and individuals world-wide with educational resources like libraries, technologies, scholarships, mentorship and educational content. We also aim to provide physical resources like desks, computers, tables, school bags, books & stationery, shoes, school uniforms, internet, etc to the above mentioned qualified beneficiaries.

What we Provide

Provide named Scholarships

We find needy students who cannot pay their fees and/or do not have educational resources like books, pens, uniform, etc and connect them with donors who are interested in their profile.

Building Libraries

For communities that do not have library spaces to serve their educational needs, we partner with them and help them raise money and rally communal support to build a library.

Providing Mentorship

We help students get connected to mentors who have experience in their preferred area of interest. For instance a student interested in Medicine would be connected to a Doctor or a Medical school student to provide mentorship and guidance.


We also collect used desktops, laptops and other devices and we share them with needy schools that could use them.

Educational Content & Software

For students who have need for educational content like videos, online classes and software, we can also buy subscriptions for them.


We help students and schools who do not have access to resources like stationaries etc.

Our Model

We believe that education is crucial to the members of every community, small or big. However, almost anywhere you go, most educational structures & resources fall on the shoulders of the government to provide. Sometimes, the government is able to come through but more often than not, their efforts are usually not enough. In light of this, we believe that, we can count on help from individual members of a particular community or even the global community in lieu of waiting on governments to contribute in significant ways to provide quality and sufficient educational resources to under-resourced communities. CLI will collect needs from different under-resourced communities & individuals and look for partners who want to sponsor a part/whole of that need. For example, a resident of Kasoa in Accra, Ghana can volunteer to sponsor pencils for his local public school. He or she may even volunteer to teach a lesson or two if they lack teachers. In another case, members of a community or sympathizers can contribute to build a library in their community. This is the core of our model. We connect communities to helpers to provide resources in making the basic need of education a reality for all.

Our Board

Adam Krotman

Executive Director

Ellen Tohn

Executive Director

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