We need your help

We need your support to be able to do what we do. You can help us by donating to any of our three main projects listed below.

Community Outreach Programs

This year, we are doubling our efforts in renovating dilapidated public schools in addition to providing much needed educational resources to targeted schools in low income communities.

Donate to our Scholarship Fund

You could create a named scholarship or donate to our main scholarship fund to sponsor 25 students in university and also in middle school.

Community Development Programs

Support us to run specialised programs targeted at improving literacy for adults in the community, providing assistance to struggling students and accelerating learning for all students.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Yes!  We are  501(c)(3)  accredited by the IRS.  This means any amount you donate to us can be deducted from your taxes in accordance with the IRS rules stipulated.  We will send you an email with a receipt on every donation you make.  Please talk with your tax advisor on how to go about deductions. 

Anyone can donate any amount to our general scholarship fund.  However, we also support individuals who would like to setup a standalone scholarship fund named after anyone of their choice.  In this arrangement, you would be required to donate enough  (usually > $300) per year which would be enough to fund a student at the university for a whole year.

If you are interested you can email us at

Please email us at for our shipping address.  Due to fraud and spam we hesitate to publicly list our shipping address online.

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